Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Kids

If you have been searching for a fantastic activity for your kids, you will find that Brazilian jiu jitsu could be the perfect sport and martial art to consider. It offers a wealth of benefits that are great for kids.


Of course, one of the most important reasons to have your children take Brazilian jiu jitsu is the self-defense aspect. Those who learn this art will have the skills needed to help with violent confrontations with bullies, and as they continue learning, they can continually improve their skills. Self-defense is a skill that will be valuable for them not only as children, but throughout their life.

Improved Coordination

Another great benefit of jiu jitsu is the improvement it can make with body coordination. The kids will have more self-awareness, and they have improved dexterity and control over their bodies. This can help them as they are growing and developing, and you will find that it can help them to excel at other sports, as well.


Many children do not have much discipline today, and a good instructor can help to change that. There are certain rules that must be followed when they are training, for example. They also need to train hard and focus if they hope to improve and attain a new belt rank. As children like this idea of getting better and “leveling up”, it can help them to learn the importance of being disciplined. They will realize that they cannot improve in Brazilian jiu jitsu, or other areas of their life, unless they work hard.


Confidence tends to be one of the welcome side effects of becoming involved with Brazilian jiu jitsu. As they learn new skills, and as they start to socialize more, it can encourage even shy children to blossom. They start to have more confidence in themselves and their abilities, and they can learn to find their own voice. This confidence goes beyond the class, though. It will help them in other aspects of their life.

Exercise and Fitness

Martial arts help kids to get into better shape and to stay in shape. They will work hard and burn a lot of calories when they are out there and training on the mats. This can help to develop a love of fitness, which can help them to stay happy and healthy as they get older.

Make New Friends

When kids start to take these classes, they get to meet other boys and girls around their same age. It is a fantastic way for them to make some new friends outside of their normal social group, and it helps some children to learn how to socialize properly.

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