Kids Self Defense Against a Bully

Bullying remains a very serious problem in the United States, particularly for children who are in elementary through high school. The bullying is often verbal, but this can quickly escalate into physical violence. You never want to see your child hurt or scared. They should be made to feel safe no matter where they are. Bullies can ruin many childhood experiences, and those scars, both physical and mental, can last for the rest of their lives. Instead of feeling powerless to help your child, you may want to have them take kids self-defense classes to learn the best ways to deal with a bully.

Handling Bullying

It is important to keep in mind that violence is not the first answer to bullying, and a good self-defense instructor will not condone meeting violence with violence if it can be helped. After all, these are defense classes.

When a child takes a self-defense course, it can help them to gain the confidence they need to keep a positive and assertive attitude, even in the face of a bully. Having these skills can help to keep them calm, and they will also start to develop a greater awareness of their surroundings. They can start to learn the subtle differences in peoples’ body language, as well, which can help them to determine whether those individuals are acting aggressively.

The children will feel more confident in speaking up and setting boundaries, as well. Bullies will realize that they are not dealing with easy targets, and sometimes that is enough to stop the bullying, at least for a time. Children should also learn that they do not have to face these bullying problems alone. They should tell adults, including their teachers, bus drivers, and certainly their parents and guardians.

Ideally, the child will be able to take care of the bullying problem without any instances of violence. However, that is not always the case, and that is where the addition of these self-defense classes for kids can really help.

Protection from Violence

When things do get violent, you want to be sure your child can defend him or herself. High-quality self-defense classes for children will provide them with the skills they need to handle themselves and to help reduce their risks of injury. The skills learned through various courses can provide the child with the ability to handle an opponent who may be larger and stronger than they are.

Keep in mind that your child is going to need to put in the time and the work to develop their skills and increase their confidence levels. It does not happen overnight. However, you can be sure that he or she will see some real progress from lesson to lesson, and you can watch as their pride and their confidence really starts to shine. This confidence can be like kryptonite to many bullies out there. Knowing that your child is happy and confident, and that he or she can stay safe and defend themselves in the event a bully does try to lay hands on them provides you with some nice peace of mind.

Taking the Classes

There are many classes and courses out there, but you do want to take the time to choose one that can provide skills that are usable in the real world. Take the time to check out this video to see a class in action, and then get in touch with Bonita Martial Arts Academy and Fitness Center to set up some classes for your little ones. Help them gain their confidence to stand up to those dastardly bullies.

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